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Apple iPad 2 Has Much Bigger Battery

A lot more info on that shiny new iOS tablet from the Apple tree, this time about the Apple iPad 2 battery, which apparently is considerably bigger than the battery in their first tablet the Apple iPad, but still delivers the same 10 hours of life.

Based on an post over on Daily iPhone Blog some guy on Twitter (so no idea who the source is) came up with the image and figures which show the Apple iPad 2 is 49 percent battery and 51 percent electronics, which is really a 1.8 boost in battery size.

The guys over at 9to5 Mac agree, saying that the iPad 2 is a lot more than half battery. So if the battery in the new iOS tablet is that significantly larger then why does the device still only deliver the same battery life as the original Apple tablet?

Perhaps it has some thing to do with the Apple iPad 2's dual-core A5 processor eating up all that additional battery life, any person else have any suggestions.