Tech Comparison - iPhone vs iPad

When the iPad 2 first came out, I thought it looked cool. Really cool. But did I require one, seeing as I already had an iPhone? Before I could buy one, I'd have to justify the buy, so I set out to answer the question, "Would an iPad give me functions and advantages I couldn't get with my iPhone?"

The short answer is, Yes! Now the proud owner of not 1 but two iPads (1 is for the kids!), I use both on a daily basis, for really different reasons. Here's the scoop:

The iPhone is finest for:

Phone calls and texting
Although rumor has it that you'll be able to download the Skype application and use your iPad to make calls, I've yet to do this. Plus, I do not really realize how that would work - do you hold the whole unit up to your head? Seems a tad awkward.

There isn't any camera on the iPad (yet!).

On-the-go e-mail and internet browsing
For a quick overview of my email while I'm standing in line at the bank, or searching up the time of the next showing of Harry Potter, the iPhone is tops in quick and effortless.

Whilst you can access the GPS/map function for the iPad by entering an address into a Google search, there isn't any GPS app on the home screen of the iPad as there's on the iPhone. When I'm lost, I do not need to need to go by means of the extra actions.

The iPad is best for:

Extended e-mail or internet browsing sessions

Typing even a paragraph or two on your iPhone screen may be a lesson in frustration, but having a keyboard that's nearly "regulation" size, the iPad makes it simple. Plus, you'll be able to read blog posts and news updates with out pulling out your magnifying glass.

Word processing
I can kind a report on the iPad. I can't on the iPhone without wanting to stick a fork in my eye. 'Nuff said.

Viewing documents
Whilst you are able to peruse the newest sales figures and scan over the customer service updates on your iPhone, it is a heck of a whole lot less difficult on the iPad's larger screen.

Watching movies and videos
Have you ever tried to show a person a video on your iPhone? You're head to head, trying to listen and hear and not breathe on each other. Can you say 'awkward." It's much simpler on the iPad, specifically if you have an easel-style case that permits you to prop up your iPad for effortless viewing.

Here's the upshot - in the event you want quick-and-dirty info or to create a call or send a text, the iPhone is the method to go. But if you really want mobile computing, you'll need an iPad. An iPhone will not replace your laptop pc; an iPad just may well.